4 Convenient Ways to Carry Your Running Water Bottle


Many runners consider water an essential part of their runs, especially in the warmer months when staying hydrated is key. While it’s always good to have a source of hydration for your runs, carrying that hydration can be impractical. 

There are many types of water bottles for runners, but not all are practical to carry during a long run. Although it’s great to quickly take a sip from your water bottle without missing a beat, your bottle may become a nuisance when you aren’t actively drinking from it.

If you don’t want your hydration to be at the mercy of the nearest water fountain, there are ways that you can carry your running water bottle that is practical and convenient. 

Keep reading to learn the top four ways to carry water bottles and prepare for your run. 

Option #1: Waist Pack

Your first option when it comes to carrying your running water bottle is to carry it in a waist pack or waist belt.

A waist pack is a carrier you attach to your waist while you run – similar to a fanny pack. What’s great about a waist pack is that it provides a super convenient way to access your water during your runs, as the waist pack is positioned in front of you. Depending on the waist pack, you may be able to carry more than one water bottle at a time.

What’s more, a waist pack holds more than just your water. You can keep other items that you may need to quickly access during your runs, such as:

  • Hair elastics
  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Small towel

The only downside to running with a waist pack is that it may feel foreign if you aren’t already used to it. However, if the waist pack properly sits on your waist, it shouldn’t take more than a few runs to get used to the feeling of it.

Option #2: Backpack

Our next running water bottle-carrying option is to carry a backpack on your runs.

Backpacks are ideal for very long runs for several reasons, the most obvious of which is their capacity. In general, running backpacks are smaller than regular backpacks. Depending on the size of the backpack, you may be able to store several water bottles or one very large water bottle. Better yet, backpacks are similar to waist packs in that you can store more than just your water bottle.

Backpacks are also a great option if you don’t like anything interfering with your run by dangling off of you. They’re out of the way, and you don’t have to worry about them becoming loose anytime throughout your run.

The main drawback of backpacks is that, while they are a convenient way to carry your water, they don’t necessarily provide a convenient method for accessing your water during your runs. To take a sip, you’ll usually have to pause your run to take off your backpack and pull out your bottle. 

Backpacks also have the potential to get very warm to carry, especially on hot days. For the warmest of situations, it’s essential to have a backpack with ventilation for your runs. 

Man running through woods carrying water bottle in waist belt behind his back

Option #3: Running Vest

Running vests operate similarly to a backpack, except your water is more conveniently accessible. 

Many types of running vests are available, from vests that solely hold water bottles to all-in-one vests that can fit more of your belongings. With a running hydration vest, you don’t have to stop or even slow down to grab a sip of water.

For runners who want ultimate practicality, running vests with hydration bladders provide peak convenience for running with water. Hydration bladders or packs are packs that are built into your vest. These packs feature a straw that allows you to quickly and efficiently grab a sip of water during your run. 

While running vests are mainly out of the way, they may not be for you if you don’t enjoy having things close to your body while you run. 

Woman running down dirt path at sunrise carrying running water bottle in her hand

Option #4: Handheld Bottle

Our last option for carrying running water bottles is to get a handheld bottle. 

A handheld running water bottle is easy to carry, thanks to an adjustable strap attached to the bottle sheath.

A handheld water bottle is one of the most convenient options if your priority is being able to take a quick drink. Sometimes these bottles even include a small pouch for your small belongings, such as cards or jewelry. 

While these bottles provide your hands some grip relief from carrying your bottle, they aren’t ideal if having your hands free while running is your primary concern. 

Conclusion: Water Is Never an Inconvenience 

If having a practical running water bottle is your priority, you have several options for staying hydrated without burdening your hands with a bottle.

Whether you like the practicality of a running belt or want to keep it simple with a backpack, plenty of options are open to you. It’s a good idea to try different options to determine the one that works best for your needs.

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