7 Inch Running Shorts: Essential Guide for Comfort and Performance

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Running is a form of exercise and a lifestyle for many. The market offers various gear designed to enhance this experience, with running shorts being a staple for casual joggers and serious athletes. Amongst the variety, 7 inch running shorts are a popular choice, striking a balance between providing enough coverage to reduce chafing and maintaining a lightweight feel that doesn’t impede performance.

The usefulness of 7 inch running shorts extends beyond their measured length; they incorporate materials and designs that optimize comfort and efficiency. Typically made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, these shorts support active bodies staying cool and dry. Many models also include built-in liners for additional support, reflective elements for visibility, and pockets for convenience.

When selecting a pair of 7 inch running shorts, attention should be given to the quality of fabric, the comfort of the fit, and the functional elements tailored to a runner’s specific needs. For instance, the material’s durability is crucial for withstanding regular use and washes. At the same time, the fit – neither tight nor loose – is important to prevent distractions during a run. Consumers should also consider the placement and security of pockets, especially if they plan to carry items such as keys, phones, or nutrition packs.

After extensive research and comparing various models, we can guide runners toward the best 7-inch running shorts that merge quality materials, optimal fit, and practical features. This sets the stage for finding the perfect pair that complements your running routine and enhances your overall experience.

Top 7 Inch Running Shorts

We’ve thoroughly researched and tested a variety of 7-inch running shorts to find the best options to keep up with your active lifestyle. Our selections are based on comfort, durability, and features that cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring you can focus on your performance and goals.

UA Men’s Launch Shorts

The Under Armour Men’s Launch Run 7-inch Shorts are a great choice for runners seeking comfort and durability.


  • Excellent breathability and moisture management
  • Comfortable fit with an adjustable drawstring waist
  • Environmentally conscious with 90% recycled polyester


  • It may require cautious care due to material
  • Some may find the built-in liner restrictive
  • Limited pocket security for valuables during runs

Under Armour has always understood an athlete’s need for suitable sportswear; these running shorts are no exception. On my recent runs, I first noticed how light they felt. The stretch-woven fabric moved with me, providing unhindered strides. While sprinting, my skin stayed dry as the mesh lining efficiently wicking away sweat—a must-have feature for long-distance runners.

The waistband deserves a shout-out; it’s soft and prevents scraping against the skin. The adjustable drawstrings made it easy to secure the fit to my liking. After multiple washes, I’ve observed no loss in elasticity, and the material feels just as robust as when I first put it on.

Utility-wise, the pockets came in handy for carrying my essentials. However, I was cautious not to stuff them too much during dynamic movements to avoid items falling out. When I hit the tracks at dusk, the reflective logo was a thoughtful touch for visibility. It’s clear that Under Armour has considered functionality and safety.

In conclusion, these shorts are well-suited to runners who prioritize comfort, freedom of movement, and functionality. They’ve earned their spot in my active wear rotation and seem sturdy enough to stay there for the foreseeable future.

Gerlobal Athletic Shorts

We recommend these Gerlobal Athletic Shorts for anyone seeking lightweight and versatile workout attire.


  • Comfortable fit with stretch fabric
  • Secure zippered pockets
  • Efficient moisture-wicking material


  • It may require sizing up for a relaxed fit
  • Hand wash care might not be convenient for all
  • Lighter colors might be slightly transparent

After recently giving the Gerlobal Athletic Shorts a run, we can vouch for their comfort during a vigorous workout. The polyester-spandex blend gives an impression of both durability and flexibility. The shorts move with your body, making every stride feel natural and unrestricted. With quick-dry capabilities, these shorts kept us calm and dry despite breaking a serious sweat.

The dual-zippered pockets were a welcome feature. They provided a safe spot for essential items like keys and a phone, allowing us to exercise worry-free. The discreet design of these pockets maintains the shorts’ streamlined look, proving that function need not sacrifice style.

While the fit is generally solid, our experience suggests considering a size up if you want more room. This is particularly helpful if you prefer a looser fit for both comfort and range of motion during workouts. The care instructions specify hand washing only, which might be a dealbreaker for those of us accustomed to the convenience of machine washing our gear. If you’re choosing a lighter color, you might find them a bit revealing, especially when stretched or in bright lighting.

When we used them, the Gerlobal Athletic Shorts proved to be an excellent choice because of their thoughtful features and the freedom they grant during workouts. Just be mindful of the fit and care guidelines, and you’ll likely enjoy your activities with these well-designed shorts.

NORTHYARD 7″ Athletic Shorts

These NORTHYARD shorts are a solid choice because they balance functionality and style for multiple activities.


  • Effortless movement with their 4-way stretch material
  • Practical for low-light runs with reflective strips
  • All essentials secure in three zippered pockets


  • Fit may be smaller than expected
  • Limited to machine wash care
  • No belt loops, which might affect preferences

NORTHYARD’s 7-inch running shorts have quickly become a staple in our rotation. The lightweight and breathable design keeps us cool during the most intense workouts, and the quick-dry fabric means we spend less time waiting for our gear to be ready to use again. The stretch in the material makes every movement feel unrestricted, whether sprinting or stretching.

When we’re out before dawn or after dusk, the reflective strips on these shorts provide the necessary visibility for safety. It’s thoughtful details like these that show NORTHYARD understands the needs of runners. The soft elastic waistband and built-in adjustable drawstring have been great for finding the right fit.

Storage can often be an issue with running gear, but not with these shorts. The three zippered pockets have conveniently kept our keys, phone, and essentials locked in place and safe. One less worry means we can focus more on our performance. However, remember these might run a bit small, so consider sizing up for the perfect fit.

CRZ Yoga Shorts

We think these CRZ Yoga Men’s Running Shorts are a go-to option for those who prioritize comfort and functionality during their workouts.


  • Featherlight and breathable material keeps us cool and comfortable on the run.
  • Versatile pocket arrangement secures essentials, including a designated phone pocket.
  • Built-in liner enhances support and coverage, fostering a secure workout experience.


  • The phone pocket might be snug for larger devices, limiting its practicality.
  • Some may find the fit slightly restrictive during activities requiring large leg movements.
  • Color representation online may differ from the actual product, which can be disappointing.

I recently took my new CRZ Yoga Shorts out for a test run and was immediately impressed by their ultra-lightweight feel. The fabric is indeed as soft and durable as advertised, which added to the comfort during my workout. Drying quickly after a particularly intense run, they proved great for avoiding that uncomfortable, sweaty feeling post-exercise.

The pocket situation is well-thought-out, with two side pockets for quick access and a secure zipper pocket that’s ideal for valuables. While I was out, the built-in liner held everything in place, which I particularly appreciated during sprint intervals. However, I did notice that my usual smartphone was a tight fit in the phone pocket, making me a tad hesitant to rely on it for longer runs.

Wearing these shorts frequently since purchase, their aesthetic appeal and resilience in different workout scenarios stand out. That said, during yoga I found the cut could have been more generous for poses requiring greater flexibility. Additionally, upon delivery, the shade of the shorts was not quite what I expected from the online image, so that’s something to be mindful of when ordering.

In conclusion, the CRZ Yoga Men’s Running Shorts have become a solid part of my athletic rotation. They’re designed with both endurance and comfort in mind, making them suitable for a variety of physical activities. Despite a few minor drawbacks, we’re overall very pleased with the performance and quality. Remember to check the precise color description to avoid any surprises, and consider the phone pocket size when packing for a run.

BALEAF 7″ Runners

We believe these BALEAF running shorts are a solid investment for athletes who prioritize comfort and utility during their workouts.


  • Ample storage with 3 pockets
  • Soft built-in brief enhances comfort
  • Quick-drying fabric keeps moisture at bay


  • May ride up for some during intense activities
  • A low rise cut isn’t preferred by all athletes
  • Some might find the side mesh panels too revealing

On my morning run today, the BALEAF Men’s 7″ Running Shorts proved their worth once again. The three pockets came in particularly handy; I could store my phone in the back zipper pocket without fear of it falling out, and the side pockets were perfect for holding my keys and energy gels. It’s a liberating feeling to not worry about my essentials during a run.

The built-in brief is one of the most comfortable liners I’ve worn, providing a snug, chafe-free experience throughout a 5-mile jog. And the shorts didn’t disappoint in the breathability department either—the mesh panels along the sides offered additional cooling which was noticeable once I really started to heat up.

What impressed me as soon as I hit the halfway mark of my run was the quick-drying feature of the fabric. Despite working up a sweat, I felt dry and comfortable, thanks to the material’s efficient moisture-wicking properties. This makes it easier for us to push through those final miles without the distraction of damp clothing.

Having used these shorts regularly, we can affirm their durability and functionality. They stand out as reliable gear for not just running, but any high-movement activities like gym workouts or tennis.

7 Inch Running Shorts: Buying Guide

Fit and Comfort

When selecting 7-inch running shorts, our primary consideration is fit and comfort. The shorts should have a snug waistband that stays in place without causing chafing. Look for adjustable drawstrings for a personalized fit. We recommend trying on different sizes to ensure optimal comfort.

Material Benefits
Polyester Durable and quick-drying
Nylon Lightweight and moisture-wicking
Spandex Adds stretch for a full range of motion


Key features to consider include pockets with secure closures for storing essentials and reflective elements for visibility during low-light runs. Mesh panels are also beneficial for increased breathability.

Feature Importance
Pockets For keys and small items
Reflective Elements For safety in low-light conditions
Mesh Panels For enhanced breathability


Look for moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep us dry by transporting sweat away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it can evaporate. Shorts with built-in briefs or liners can provide additional support and reduce the risk of chafing.


While the style is subjective, consider the variety of colors and patterns available to suit personal preferences. The shape and cut of the shorts can affect performance and comfort, so choose a style that complements your running dynamics.

Remember, we should always prioritize functionality and comfort over visual appeal.

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